Cone n Drum
Conendrum is the funky and quirky original psychedelic music project of the mentally extended conundrummer and percussionist Dave Kastner.
Having spent more than half his life both studying drums and percussion, playing in jazz, funk and metal bands, and attending doofs since '97 , he has deep knowledge of grooves and rhythms which when combined with a hyperactive imagination and short attention span creates an ever changing sonic journey with endless flavors.
Able to deliver anything from a mind blowing night time set of full on fark psytrance to masterful mystic morning madness melodies to slower psygressive funk trance containing elements of dark prog, techno, dnb and electronica.

Conendrum's first set was on a beach in summer 2012 and has since performed at a bunch of parties and festivals including Collaborations Festival 2012 ( Cairns ), Indigo Evolution ( NYE 13/14, Byron Bay ), SHROOMED 2012/13/14 ( Tasmania ), Inter-Dimensional Architects 1 ( Newcastle '13), Bat Feats Begins, Homebrew Beats, The Brainforest and Yemaya Festival 2014.

Not content with just pressing play Dave always improvises percussive additions to his tracks by jamming along on an electronic drum or 2 making each set unique and unpredictable. His first ep EXCREAM CHEESE was released on Ektoplazm in late 2012 and he is close to finishing several albums worth of new material (including remixes of Terrafractyl, Mr.Bill, Launchpad & Variant) so expect a few exciting releases later this year! cNd

Previous Releases:

Extreme Track Makeover(EP) - Horsepower Productions 2014
Excream Cheese(EP) - Horsepower Productions 2012