Disect Large

Disect is the brain-child of Ed Reading. His love of psytrance began in high school when a friend introduced him to Infected Mushroom and since then has developed into a full blown obsession. With an energetic and punchy style, Ed has recently been infusing guitar and trance to create his own unique blend of psytrance.

He has played at festivals such as Isotopia, Earthcore, Exodus and Dragon Dreaming and has worked with several different Australian Record labels. He has released an album and 2 EP's with 3rd Eye productions, a previous EP with Kinematic entitled 'Cymatic Therapy', and most recently a 5 track EP 'Dynamic Future', also on Kinematic Records

Previous Releases

Vivid Section [EP] - 2012 - Fish and Trips Records
Biological [Album]- 2012 - 3rd Eye Productions
Neural Implant [EP]- 2014 - 3rd Eye Productions


Compilation Releases:

Honey Badger -- Inner Vision - 3rd Eye Productions 2012

Synergy -- The Geometry of Motion - Kinematic Records 2015