Logman n Pstump
Logman n Pstump are based in the Australian Crapital Territory. There, amidst the frosty hills and sprawling valleys, the cosmic lumberjacking duo carve sonic stories from the earth; stories born deep in the psychedelic alien void of their subconscious minds.

These vibratory tales are fueled by progression and filled with emotion, providing insight into the unexplored aspects of our universe..

So far this Dynamic duo have 4 releases 'Syntasthesia', Flase Truth', 'In Da Forest' and 'Lumberjacks from Outer Space', Stay tuned for their next release a full length album coming soon to Kinematic Records....

Previous Releases:

False Truth(EP) - Bandcamp 2014
Synesthesia(Album) - Bandcamp 2013
In Da Forest(Album) - Bandcamp 2012
Lumberjacks from Outer Space(Album) - Bandcamp 2012