Poseidon is the title given to the music created by Adrian Zuanic. Based in Sydney, Australia, he produces psychedelic trance that contains an eclectic mix of feelings and styles. Integrating full on melodic psytrance with progressive vibes, breaks and electro into one spine twisting, leg wiggling, cosmic explosion of funk, rhythm and emotion.

Adrian has strong musical roots. Being classically trained on the violin from the age of 5, he’s developed and carried his skills upwards into the digital realm where infinity can manifest into a tangible experience. In 2008 he discovered psytrance and hasn’t looked back : He has already released tracks on compilations for UP records and Kinematic Records, and has lots of upcoming releases; EP’s on both UP and Solar Records, as well as a full length album planned for Kinematic Records in the future.... Stay Tuned!

Compilation Releases:

Morning Dust -- Up and Atom - UP Records 2011
Cookie Cutter Syndrome -- Fluid Mechanics - Kinematic Records 2013
Gaia -- Up Syndrome - UP Records 2013