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Algernon Renton AKA Positive Thought, Jeremy Pritchard, Yeti or Mustard Tiger is from Limpenwood in far Nth NSW. He started producing electronic music in 2003, forming half of the Electroholics duo, and in 2006 made his debut release... Since then, Alg has been featured on compilations by such labels as UP, Sundance, Dooflex, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Regen records and has been a regular act at such festivals as Cairns Winter Solstice, Tribeadelic Gathering, Rainbow Serpent, Eclipse 2012, New Psycle and Bent Perception just to name a few.

Alg has collaborated with artists such as Nitro & RAZ plus being a vital part of the Free Standing Pickles project with Marty Launchpad and Felix Greenless aka Terrafractyl / Hypnagog. In 2009 he released his "Positive Thought" album; "This is Not a Workshop" on UP Records, and since then has released 2 EP’s, ‘Power Card’, on Airglow records and most recently ‘Thought Pattern’ on UP records...

Next on the cards is the 2nd Positive Thought Album coming on Kinematic Records, which will hopefully be gracing your ears very soon :)

Previous Releases

This is not a Workshop [Album]- 2009 - UP Records
Thought Pattern [EP]- 2013 - UP Records
Power Card [EP]- 2013 Airglow Records

Compilation Releases:

Sonata -- Vibraspirit 23.11.23 - Sundance Records 2008
Feel (VS Raz) -- Manifestation - UP Records 2008
Music Zone(vs Raz) -- Up and Away - UP Records 2009
Trouser -- Goa Beach V11 - Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2009
Tribal Jive -- Funktion V2 - 3l3mental Records -2012
Apox / Big Sister (vs Nitrodrop) -- Flexible - Dooflex Records 2013
Pulse Farmer -- Fluid Mechanics - Kinematic Records 2013

Pressure System -- The Geometry of Motion - Kinematic Records 2015