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Felix Greenlees, aka Terrafractyl was raised on a diet of classical music, opera and jazz. Trained as a Bassoon player, Felix worked for the Tasmanian, and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's as well as Freelancing for Opera Australia between 1999-2004.
But At some point in the late 90’s Felix had found his way to an outdoor Goa party in Tasmania, was completely captivated by the psychedelic music he heard there and couldn’t resist trying his hand at electronic music production. Since then, he has been weaving the threads of psytrance, jazz and classical music together, incorporating his love/addiction of piano and a new found addiction for building analog synthesizers. This unique melding of styles quickly led him to become one of Australia’s most prominent electronic music performers

Fans have enjoyed Felix’s music at all major festivals around Australia, including the 2012 Eclipse Festival where he preceded the solar eclipse and one fan stated that he caused magical unicorns to descend from the sky, farting rainbows. More recently he has also travelled to share his music in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Israel and more.
While also working on his other projects, Mental Extensions and Hypnagog, Felix has released two full length albums as Terrafractyl; 'Chrysalis' (2009, Sundance Records) and 'Electronic Evolution' (2012, Vertigo records) as well as over 20 tracks on various compilations.

In 2013 Felix established his own record Label Kinematic Records, to help further his vision for psychedelic music. Promoting and releasing music for many innovative and unique psychedelic musicians from Australia and around the world. The first release for the label was the Terrafractyl EP 'A Speck of Dust' and after a busy year or 2 of releases so we're very happy to announce the 3rd Terrafractyl Album 'Imaginings and Fabrications' is out now.

In More recent News... we just released a full length (AND FREE!) Album 'Betafractyl' or Terrafractyl the Early Years (2005-2009) Felix's earlier and until now Un-released music.

Previous Releases
Chrysalis [Album]- 2009 - Sundance Records
Electronic Evolution [Album]- 2012 - Vertigo Records


Compilation Releases:
Psychedelic Accoustics -- Vibraspirit 11.23 - Sundance 2006
Culture Shock -- Vibraspirit 23.23 - Sundance 2007
Fragile -- Hypersenses - Psypneumatix 2007
Kinky Brass -- Unrestricted Evolution - Adapted 2008
Finley Spaced -- Omnipresence - Vertigo 2008
Sweet Enuff? (vs Quench) -- Omnipresence - Vertigo 2008
The Big Illusion -- Tree Dimensional - Regen 2008
The Nature of Conciousness -- Vibraspirit 11.11.11 - Sundance 2009
Order within Chaos -- Are you Jiving Yet? - Adapted 2010
Only So Much Oil Rmx -- Are you Jiving Yet? - Adapted 2010
Altered Planet -- Regeneration - Regen 2010
Subconcious Mind -- 25 Reasons for Life - Vertigo 2011
Asturias -- Freerunners - Psylife Music 2011
Slipstream -- Myriad Expressions - E.P.P Records 2011
3 Legged Cyclops -- Myriad Expressions - E.P.P Records 2011
Brainplant -- Psytraveller V2 - Sun Station Records 2011
Adrenal -- Ajna - 3rd Eye Productions 2011
Hourdeurve Uploading (VS Tompletoon) -- Respekta - No Qualms 2012
The Mighty Gecko (VS) -- Quench 'Flux' - UP Records 2012
The Next Step (VS) -- Primordial Ooze 'Discomedusae' - AntiShanti 2012
Welcome to the Zoo (VS Tickets) -- Android Wave - Timecode 2013
Sky City (RMX) -- Para Halu 'Sky City Remixes' - Psylife 2013
Underwater Adventure (VS) -- Primordial Ooze 'User Guide' - Timecode 2013
On the Flipside (VS Launchpad) -- Compos Mentis - Vertigo 2013
Order Within Chaos (RMX) -- Maitreya Festival - Soundkraft 2013
Fluid Mechanics -- Fluid Mechanics - Kinematic Records 2013

Other / Single Releases:
Cocaine Bootleg Remix -- Bandcamp - 2012
Everything is Spinning -- Bandcamp - 2012
History Repeatin' -- Bandcamp - 2013