It immediately becomes apparent that Nick Andrews has both reckless passion and technical skills when this young man from Coffs Harbour transcribes his newly discovered passion for Psytrance into first DJ sets in 2007. A crucial combination that also resonates in his own music productions.
Being a self-taught piano and guitar player as well as being socialized in various music scenes there is a very playful, dynamic and open-minded feeling to the sound he creates under the name Dirt. First and foremost it can be described as a Progressive foundation topped with fresh, free range Chord patterns and melodies that drizzle upon the free spirit of instrumental jam sessions. varying time signatures and rhythms between rolling and broken bass lines are sliced with tender love and care before being infused between octave melodies and multiple layers of liquid harmony to perfectly complement each other and create an extremely tasty groove.

From 2011 he's been an integral part of festival and party lineups on the east coast of Australia. He released his first track "Soul Charger", released on 3rd Eye Productions 'Inner Visions' VA in 2012, and we were very happy to put out his first EP release, 'Small World', last year on Kinematic Records... Watch this space for more to come!

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Soul Charger -- Inner Vision - 3rd Eye Productions 2012