Escape Into = Dan Flict & Werther Azevedo. "An explosive journey into fat and funky psychedelic trance filled with unpredictable twists and turns, uplifting melodies, and crazy harmonies."

An unusual mixture of influences from video game music and rock to Suomisaundi with a pinch of Goa trance, the band has successfully developed a cleaner, more focused sound without sacrificing any of the emotional punch and originality

This duo have released 3 EP's, The first two of which, 'The Dream', and 'The Drama', were released independently on Bandcamp. The third 'Unearthly Affairs' was just released on Kinematic Records and we are already looking forward to more!

Previous Releases:

The Dream(EP) - Bandcamp 2012
The Drama(EP) - Ektoplasm 2013