Nick Loving is the man behind Formationz, a southern-born individual from a small fishing town called Peterborough, in Victoria, Australia. Music always has played a huge part in Nick's life, he has played in rock bands since a young age and has an extensive knowledge of music.
Almost a year ago, Nick decided to move towards a more digital sound and began producing psychedelic trance. He aims to make his rock influences evident through his psytrance in order to conceive a truly unique sound.

Twirling, fluttering soundscapes that morph into each other, driving kicks, Quirky basslines and intelligent psychedelic percussion are all expertly blended together in his music, and we're very excited here at Kinematic Records to see what the future holds for Nick.

His debut release 'Artificial Intelligence' was be on the most recent Kinematic VA compilation 'The Geometry of Motion', and his debut EP 'Dreamcode' is fresh off the press and is already making quite an impact...

Artificial Intelligence -- The Geometry of Motion - Kinematic Records 2015