Kadu Rauth Hidalgo aka KADUM. Born on August 11, 1990 in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.
Since he was young Kadu developed a keen interest in music, playing with the piano at his home, and more recently discovering a love of making beats and experimenting with sounds, his path as a music producer was born.
He is also a Member of two bands as a saxophonist, and is enjoying developing his electronic music alongside this 'live' music background.
His skills on the piano and saxophone bring a big difference to his music, with Psychedelic melodies, Groovy Basslines and the main influences coming from Funk, Jazz and Psychedelic Progressive.

He has played at most of the best parties and festivals of Curitiba, among them: Psilocybin, Fusion Festival, Tandava Gathering, Festival Terra Azul, among others.
In 2012 participated in a cultural competition to play in one of the biggest festivals in the country, Soul Vision Festival, competing with DJs from all over Brazil, Where he was fortunate to be one of the winners.
His charisma and audience interaction also make his presentations more fun. "I'm passionate about music, making sounds and beats and since my teens I have been working hard to take my music everywhere", said Kadum.

Kadum's first release with Kinematic Records is a mini album/EP entitled 'Wierd Melodies', that was released in September 2014, and we're very happy to have him on the Kinematic team ....  

Previous Releases

Underwater [EP]- 2011 - Speedsound Records
Via Lactea [Album]- 2011 - Speedsound Records


Compilation Releases

Slingshot -- The Geometry of Motion - Kinematic Records 2015