Rumpelstompskin is the psychedelic brain leakage of 25 year old Sydney based producer Connor Martin.

Bridging the divide between progressive and full on. The Stompskin sound is influenced by and incorporates all aspects of electronic music to create an auditory juggernaut of melodic psychedelica to felate your brain and abuse your feet. Interchanging between relentless driving sections of complex yet emotive overtones organically dropping into funk saturated grooves of moist and bendy bass manipulation always with a heavy emphasis on melody.
Throw in a shit load of earthy percussion a touch of glitch and some more melody coz theres always room for more and u have yourself a Rumpelstompskin!!!

Connor has already released the terrific album 'Saliva of the Phattest' last year on Rexette Music, and we are very happy to say that something is in the works for Kinematic Records...

Previous Releases

Saliva of the Phattest [Album]- 2013 - Rexette Music