4Stroke - Biel, Switzerland

Beat or DJ 4-stroke was born in 1988 and grew up in a little village near Biel, Switzerland - Even in the early days Beat showed a huge interest in Music. As a teenager he got into metal and rock music and even took several years of classic guitar lessons. Also during this time he was also hearing bits and pieces of psytrance from his older brothers...

And then - in a magical winter night with a good friend, some psychadelics and shpongle in 2008 he finally got infected by the sound.
The local psytrance scene took good care of him and meeting personalites like his future DJ-Teacher DJ Cosinus, DJ Windkind, DJ Solaris and more people that are big names in the swiss-scene, gave him a quick jump right into the core of the scene. After experiencing a huge amout of different styles in psytrance he crystallized out what he likes and loves - and wanted to share this with the dancing crowd.

The first time behind CD-Players and a mixer was in summer 2010 and since then he has reached a high level mixing trough continuou training, aquiring a huge amout of high quality music and he is still evolving in various directions of mind-changing music. At the present day he's also curious to produce his own music and always takes chances to do some experiments in this direction besides of working as mechanic and setting up Funktion One soundsystems in Switzerland with his flatmate.
His main motivation still is to bring highest quality of music to get the crowd moving and dislikes to put his person in focus. Maybe you'd expect a fancy ending of this biography but instead of that you just tune into his soundcloud and drop out.