Krikkitt - Montreal, Canada
One of the newest additions to the Kinematic family , Krikkitt has incited trances at countless summer festivals and venues in Quebec and the United States since his debut as a DJ in 2011. He has been closely involved with the psychedelic music scene in Montreal for several years and is one of the founding members of Osiris Collective.

His vast musical repertoire and passion for music shine through his flawlessly electric sets as he treads the fine line between chaos and harmony. From organic, ambient downtempto to warm, bassy dub without forgetting funky, uplifting prog and glitch, Krikkitt's playful personality is a constant element in all of his sets. He paints a vibrant landscape around the crowd and throws atmospheres at them that bring their bodies to life with sound. Every set is a unique listening experience as he experiments with the boundaries of sound and musicality in an enlightened and dynamic way.