inertG - Texas, USA
"i.n.e.r.t.G." is an acronym for "initiate neural existential research through Geometry", and the creative altar ego of Phillip Anthony, a Texan who's love affair for music drove him to drop out of college and move to Austin, "the live music capital of the world". Here he was introduced to Electronic Music, then took a sharp turn after finding himself at an underground darkpsy party in the pinewoods of Northeast Texas in the summer of 2010.

After this gathering, he knew there was something he needed to do, and whatever it was, it would involve the Psytrance culture. By 2012, Phillip had picked up Sacred Geometry (later to evolve into portal architechnology), DJing, and organizing eclectic psychedelic music festivals in Central Texas. It wasn't long before his path crossed with Terrafractyl, who's mutual appreciation for each other's art led to the collaboration of the Hypnagog full length "Thematic Mathematics", and involvement with Kinematic Records from the beginning as a visual artist.

As a DJ, Phillip first found himself specializing in avantgarde, melody driven, experimental idm/breaks, always following the melody to unveil new stories of familiar songs. When he finally decided to give dance music a shot, he struggled to compile sets due to the lack of unique melodic psytrance. It wasn't until the creation of Kinematic, that inertG found his home as a Psytrance DJ.

A couple years later, Phillip Anthony has established his spot as a vital member to the USA Psy culture with a fueled passion for spreading the magic which propelled his creations, acting as a nexus between the seemingly split realms of dance and chillout. With the intention of spreading the diverse, musical sound of Kinematic Records in 2015, his upcoming schedule includes everything from a grassroots, mostly Live-Music festival (Head for the Hills - Central Texas - USA); the 10 year anniversary of one of the USA's most respected doofs (Sacred Earth - Wisconson - USA); and many more to come along with the 4 festivals and multiple indoor ceremonies he will co-organize with his Texas Psychedelic Dance co-op, 1STOMP!