mIDium - Brisbane, Australia
Creating and constantly building the mood, mIDium has been mesmerising dance floors for more than 8 years.

Always performing with a hint of psychedelic groove and funky techno, mIDium will melt your walls by layering his progressions deep into each new element of sound.

Renan Inal is a S.E. Qld event-creator and DJ, whose take on techno will rock your house. As mIDium, he has played at a plethora of outdoor events and alternative festivals along the east coast of Australia.

Now signed to Australian Label Kinematic Records (created by Terrafractyl) mIDium can be found bringing the not to heavy, not too light, melodic magic that will conjure you into hypnotic dance. Those moments where hours pass in minutes.

Co-founding Praxis Australia, mIDium is at the forefront of Manifest festival, one of Queensland’s most innovative events. mIDium will be melting frequencies with any who wish to stomp, dance and play.

mIDium’s take on techno will rock your house. Having performed at the majority of multiple day festivals along the East Coast of Australia.