Pepe Wash - Mexico City, MEXICO
Born in Mexico, Pepe Wash always felt an attraction to music since he was a child, because he felt it was a way to communicate vibrations and feelings that words cannot describe.
When he was a teenager he started to get into the Punk rock scene but then discovered the psychedelic music scene in 2002. From then he started as a DJ and began making trance parties in Mexico, and now has worked his way up to being one of the masterminds behind Ometeotl Festival, one of the most important Pyschedelic muusic festivals in Latin America.

Musicically he takes his inspiration from all around the world, but mainly his inspiration comes from his need to express himself to the world through music. His longtime love for psytrance has led his sets to become a mix of elegant and Serious rhythyms, always characterized by being extremely Psychedelic

He believes in the power of union and awareness that flows all over the trace environment