Fractal Sound Mastering - Melbourne, Australia
Fractal Sound has been created to provide professional audio services for Music Producers, Record Labels, Festivals/Party Promoters and people just wanting to learn about music.
Offering professional mastering services for all styles and Genres of music, and specializing in electronic music of all styles. The highest level of attention will be paid to your music.

Linear Phase Equalization, Compression, Stereo Widening, Limiting, Tape Saturation, M-S Processing and more will be added (if necessary) during the mastering process.

Rate are generally 30$Aus per track. But cheaper rates are available depending on the Amount of work requested.
For First time Clients, Fractal Sound will master 1 track free of change, and in this way you can get an idea of what to expect, before entrusting me with your Album, Ep etc

Mastering Information for Clients

Previous Mastering work:

Fractal Sound is run by Felix Greenlees, one of Australia's most sought after electronic music producers and performers. He write music under many different guises, Terrafractyl (Psy Trance), Hypnagog (Breaks and Techno) and Mental Extensions (Chill/dub/freestyle)