Aug 2013

San and Tac EP - Tropical Resonance

San and Tac EP - Tropical Resonance

Originally Hailing from New Caledonia, San and his Monkey friend Tac have been soaking up plenty of inspiration from the diverse and thriving Australian doof scene over the past few years, and now San has brought his own unique style of Psychedelia to the table. This first release on Kinematic does not disappoint, with Melodic, Driving, Psychedelic trance and intelligent, thought provoking samples throughout.

Tropical Resonance opens with ‘Monkey’, which whilst still very psychedelic, has a slightly more progressive feel than the rest of the EP. Next up we move back into the more typical San and Tac sound with ‘Universe we don’t see yet’, a great track with plenty of chunk. The Third track ‘Tropical Zen’ has a slightly more relaxed feel to it, despite its largeness, perhaps a testament to the relaxed Tropical Lifestyle that has obviously left its mark.

Finally the last track ‘Rebirth’, closes out this EP in great style with some terrific melodic work and driving basslines.
Basically this is a must listen for lovers of interesting Psytrance that tweaks the brain, and scratches that very particular kind of itch!

san and tac ep

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