The Molecular Repeater...

Available now free from the User library (Click the image on the left to download)
The First of the Kinematic Reaktor ensembles, this is a simplified/Cut down version of the Fractilizer, a multi effect used by Terrafractyl.

This simplified version Is somewhat inspired by the Atomizer funtion written into the Virus TI.
It functions as a Slicer/Looper where the Size of the loop is determined by the Key pressed on a midi Keyboard. Allowing both tempo synced loops AND instant musical control over the speed of these loops in a very intuitive way, this idea has been 'riffed upon', anda filter, delay and some modulations options have been added. and it has become a very useful tool for both the studio and the Live set.

Kinematica - A VA Synth with some exta tricks up its sleeve..

Quantum - A Unique Sound Design tool