Things that u should check out:

- Everything made by Urs Heckmann or UHE

Zebra2 is pretty much my Favourite Softsynth of them all.
If you were to learn one synthesizer back to front, you should do yourself a favour and make it this one.

Also by Uhe, Uhbik is perhaps one of the best FX bundles out there, and his other synths, Diva, Basille and Ace are all great as well. Someone worth supporting!

- Bazzism, A Great little plugin for making Kickdrums. Probably more suited to EDM than other Genres, but I almost never use anything else for Kick drums anymore.

Sylenth1, This Synth has nothing extraordinary about it execpt...its Sound. Especially good for Bass of all kinds, this synth is just hard to make sound bad, and has lots of grunt down low.

Reaktor, I'm not a huge fan of Native Instruments normally, but I make an exception for Reaktor. A whole universe of sound here, and if you want to get truly creative with Sound design, this is one of the better options In my opinion. It also comes with and can load MANy great pre-made ensembles. We have a bit of a secret stash here @ Kinematic.....

Other Great FREE Plugins:

Analog Delay (Still almost my fav ever delay)
LiveCut Seriously.
Transverb / Buffer Override Still awesome.
Short Circuit (Sampler) Really great Sampler for getting creative Quickly.