Creating a Psytrance Bassline with Sylenth1

Making the Patch from INIT:

- Initialise Preset

- Set osc1 to a Saw wave
- Make sure Osc1 Retrig is ON
- In the Mixer Section, bring Mix B Fader down to 0

- The Amp envelope settings should be similar to:
Attack = 0
Decay = 0
Sustain = Full
Release = Something very small.
Setting the release can take a bit of fiddling, you use this to remove possible clicks at the end of notes.

- (Optional) Turn Mono Legato mode on and give it a small amount of portamento. This allows for overlapping of notes to create bendy notes (see later)

- Set the Filter (A) to Low Pass
- Set the resonance of both filters to 0
- Turn on Warm drive on Filter (B)

- Assign Mod Envelope 1 to control Filter Cut-off A & B
- Mod Env Settings should be similiar to:
Attack = 0
Decay = low to mid range
Sustain = 0
Release = Very Small(As before)

-Setting the Decay speed and the Amount of Filter Envelope are two of the most critical parameters that will require a LOT of attention.
- (Optional) Use the Matrix to modulate the Filter Cuttof ever so slight with the velocity. To create an even more organic bassline.

Now These following 4(or 5) parameters now ALL effect the Filter Cutoff, and together these really shape the sound of the bassline:

Mod Envelope -> Filter Cutoff Amount
Mod Envelope Decay
Filter Cutoff (A)
Filter Control Cutoff
Velocity -> Filter(IF USED)

The fact that all 5 of these effect the one parameter (Filter Cutoff) means that it can be quite tricky to get them all in the right place.
It can be a bit of a see-sawing, Back-and-Forth procedure, but this balancing is the trick (IMO)to getting the bassline sitting just right.
Dont't forget to think about the way the Filter(s) are shaping the frequency content of the bassline, people often forget how much of the 'tone' shaping can be done from the start With the filter cutoff(s) and Filter Envelope.. The less EQ and compression you need to get your Bassline sound, the cleaner and bigger the sound.

Im often asked about my 'Bendy' style basslines. I achieve these in one of two ways. Either I use a small amount of portamento and Mono Legato mode (as mentioned above). When bending notes in this way overlapping two bassline notes will create a bend. Then, because Mono Legato mode sets the filter envelope to only trigger on the first of the two notes, the filter cuttoff will need to be automated so you can actually hear the bend. (Alternatively you can automate the decay time of the filter)

Also you can just use a long midi note, and use the pitchbend to automate the bend. This will also require filter automation in the same way as the first method due to the short filter decay time.

To avoid these automation hassles, I will usually make two identical bassline patches on two instances of Sylenth. One of which is set to be the quick, or 'snappy' bassline, and another with the filter decay time set all the way up for the longer, bending bass notes.